A New Group Pushes the post-Trump GOP to Reject Its ‘Lazy’ Devotion to Tax Cuts

Nov 17, 2020

One of the biggest dilemmas for the Republican Party is what it should do after the Trump presidency, an eventuality that some on the right have been mulling since the early days of his administration.

In March, a group of conservative thinkers started a new organization called American Compass, which aims to move the Republican Party past clichés about Ronald Reagan’s policies.

“Applying conservative principles doesn’t mean just keep flipping through the 1980 playbook until you find the right tax cut,” said Oren Cass, a founding member of American Compass who serves as its executive director.

“It has to mean going back to the actual principles, and applying them to today’s challenges,” Cass said in an interview on “The Long Game, a Yahoo News podcast. “I think that’s something that a lot of folks on right-of-center have gotten, frankly, lazy about, and that there’s just a lot of entrenched orthodoxy that does not come in for questioning.”

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