Amazon union election wakes up Washington, even some Republicans

Apr 08, 2021

WOKE WASHINGTON: The fight to unionize an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Ala. is scrambling politics here in Washington.

The union election in the red state — in which votes are still being tallied — comes as Republicans declare war on Big Tech and are now threatening to divorce corporate America, lashing out at big business this week for wading into political debates. Republicans are now tossing around the term “corporate wokeness” as something to fight against as they seek to redefine themselves as the “Working Class Party.” (Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post).

  • “What does this mean for folks especially those right of center? It’s a real opportunity to recognize that pro-market is not the same as pro-business,” Oren Cass, the founder of   American Compass and a former adviser to Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), told us.

Cass explained the internal conflict facing Republicans when it comes to embracing union drives like the one in Bessemer.

  • “When we look at this Amazon fight, what right-of-center feels is tension on the idea of focusing more on interests of workers, and on the other hand, being very hesitant of giving more power to the current set of big labor organizations we have in this country,” Cass added. “It’s really important to distinguished unions as they operate today in America from the idea of a healthy labor movement.”

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