Oren Cass Presses Business Roundtable on Corporate Responsibility Pledge

Aug 20, 2020

Oren Cass, executive director of the conservative think tank American Compass, pressed Business Roundtable (BRT) to take further action on the one-year anniversary of its pledge to promote corporate responsibility and protect workers.

Cass, who directed domestic policy for Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah)’s 2012 presidential campaign, told Hill.TV that his organization has partnered with conservative and liberal think tanks to demand BRT live up to its 2019 promise to prioritize all stakeholders, including employees, customers and communities, rather than promote shareholder primacy.

“There hasn’t really been any follow through” from BRT, Cass said. “It seems to, like most corporate social responsibility, have been more an exercise in public relations than actually making a difference for workers or families or communities.”


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