Chris Arnade

Chris Arnade

Chris Arnade is a writer and photographer covering addiction and poverty in America. He is also the author of Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America.


Riding the Protest Wave: How Elites Will Co-opt BLM Share This

Jun 21, 2020

It is easy for the right to look at excesses from the current protest, or the incoherence of some protestors, and dismiss them in total. They don’t know their history! They are yelling about capitalism from an iPhone! Defund the police! Crazy! That is a mistake. The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t simply about the […]

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Cops and Teachers Share This

Jun 18, 2020

In the early 90s, as the Soviet Union crumbled, a trickle of Eastern European students came to the US. One of my roles at Johns Hopkins was to greet them at the airport and try to help their transition. One young man, without asking me, spent his first Sunday in Baltimore walking the length of […]

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Chaos In The Time Of Covid Share This

Jun 10, 2020

In physics, to reveal deeper truths, you slam particles together to expose their inner structure. The pandemic has been like that, slamming different parts of the country together, revealing it to be deeply divided by geography, race, education, and wealth. It is hard to imagine it once fit together or will ever fit together again.

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Libertarianism For Me, Authoritarianism For Thee Share This

Jun 01, 2020

If you spend significant time in poor communities, especially poor black communities, you wonder why they don’t explode in protest more often. The inequality that is a concerning statistic to academics and politicians is their daily commute from cleaning the office of a Wall Street bank to a home surrounded by boarded-up buildings. The oppressive […]

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What About the Rotten Culture of the Rich? Share This

May 26, 2020

Re: Coin-Flip Capitalism

We used to joke on Wall Street that you should marry a trader at another firm, trade with only each other, and by end of the year one would have made a lot of money and the other lost the exact same amount. The winner would be paid a big bonus, and the loser only […]

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