Oren Cass

Oren Cass

Oren Cass is the executive director at American Compass.


Beware “Social Insurance” Salesmen Share This

Jul 10, 2020

Re: Social Conservatism and the “Small Government” Straightjacket

Redistribution is a vital topic for conservatives as we question stale orthodoxies and reexamine how first principles can help to address modern challenges. In this respect I agree entirely with recent comments by Sam Hammond, both here on The Commons and at The American Conservative, insisting that the right-of-center must get beyond “hostility to anything […]

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The “Enormous Social Value” of Private-Equity Fees Share This

Jul 01, 2020

Re: Populists Don't Know Much About Private Equity

The Wall Street Journal’s defense of private equity (“Populists Don’t Know Much About Private Equity”) is an impressionist masterpiece of market fundamentalism, relying on the unexamined assumption that fees paid to private-equity partners represent “social value.” One can simply step back and gawk in amazement, but true appreciation requires poring over each brushstroke.

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An Industrial Policy By Any Another Name… Share This

Jun 29, 2020

The opinion pages of both the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal have featured calls for industrial policy in the past week, an encouraging trend toward realism about the necessary role for government in a free-market economy. In the Times, yesterday’s editorial warned against “the absence of a proactive industrial policy” and argued that “quick […]

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The Fight On The Right: A Pre-Trump Or Post-Trump Future? Share This

Jun 25, 2020

THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE—American Compass’s Oren Cass describes the parameters of the fight on the right and makes the case for a Post-Trump conservatism.

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Does Aggressive Policing Create Its Own Cycle of Dependence? Share This

Jun 19, 2020

Re: Cops and Teachers

I was jolted by the familiar echo, reading Chris Arnade’s “Cops and Teachers,” of an argument I’ve made a thousand times. It was an obviously conservative point, turned suddenly into a refutation of a popular conservative stance. Speaking in the context of safety-net policy, I often try to distinguish between policies that maintain households in poverty […]

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A Better Model for Worker Training Share This

Jun 15, 2020

A Response to Samuel Hammond

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Balanced Trade, Robust Industry, and Rising Productivity: Pick All Three Share This

Jun 10, 2020

Re: Failing a Test on Trade

Professor Dan Drezner is again illustrating how we ended up with a misbegotten consensus on globalization built upon inadequate assumptions and shallow analysis. A couple of weeks ago, we encountered him badly mischaracterizing a study about the supposed value of trade liberalization. Breezing past that issue, he is back now with a more outlandish claim, […]

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On Regulatory Reform Share This

Jun 10, 2020

Outdated environmental regulation poses an irrational barrier to reshoring efforts.

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Is It Time for an American Industrial Policy? Share This

May 21, 2020

PAIRAGRAPH—American Compass’s Oren Cass participates in a written debate with Duke University’s Michael Munger over the need for American industrial policy.

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Failing a Test on Trade Share This

May 14, 2020

Professor Dan Drezner has been crudely criticizing Senator Josh Hawley’s New York Times op-ed on U.S. withdrawal from the WTO—treating it  “the way one would treat an undergrad paper in global political economy,” awarding a C-minus, and offering the feedback that, “You can do better work than this, Josh. Put in the effort, do more […]

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What They Are Saying About the American Compass Launch Share This

May 13, 2020

American Compass launched in early May to widespread media coverage and generous praise from politicians, scholars, and commentators.

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“Pay Parents” Isn’t a Pro-Family Position Share This

May 10, 2020

Debates over family policy are centering on the idea that households should be “paid” for raising children. The latest salvo comes from the New York Times, which celebrates Mother’s Day with an essay by Kim Brooks entitled, “Forget Pancakes. Pay Mothers.” Gladden Pappin applauded it on Twitter as “such an important essay” and chided “pro-family […]

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