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Only One Priority Makes Sense for American Foreign Policy

Our attention cannot be everywhere, it must be on China.

Stranger in a Strained Land

An immigrant reflects on making America great again.

The Electric Slide

American EV policy is failing. Here’s how to fix it.

Move Fast and Make Things

A new wave of AI-driven innovation is key to a manufacturing renaissance.

Has Civil Society Become Part of the Problem?

Not only markets but also mediating institutions deserve greater scrutiny from conservatives.

Finding the Responsible Party

The conservative journey back from anti-tax zealotry to limited government

Crash and Churn

How deregulation of trucking has failed truckers—and everyone else

Free Trade’s Origin Myth

American elites accepted the economic theory of “comparative advantage” mainly because it justified their geopolitical agenda.

Founder’s Letter: A Healthy Dose of Populism

We are winning only because our logic is inescapable and the quality of our work undeniable.

Men’s Realism

The masculinity crisis is serious but most solutions on offer are not

The Receding Democratic Majority

Demography may be destiny, but its party affiliation is not

Learning the Lessons of Supply-Side Economics

Conservatives should bring supply-side thinking to issues beyond business investment

Rebuilding the Supply-Side Platform

Boosting American investment and production when tax cuts will not

The Curse of Voodoo Economics

Conservatives should favor limited government, not reflexive tax cuts

Crop Cash

Support America’s farmers, but not with subsidies

Reverse Class Psychology

Reagan convinced workers to care about business, but who will teach business owners that labor matters too?

Flapper Economics

Turning the American citizen into “The Consumer”

Public Safety for Sale 

Surveying the wreckage from Wall Street’s collision with emergency services

Only Trump Could Confront China

The inside story of the trade negotiation that changed the world

Jobs Americans Would Do

A more productive conversation about raising workers’ wages