America’s Microchip Slip Share This

| Apr 16, 2021

NATIONAL REVIEW—American Compass’s Oren Cass and Richard Oyeniran explore the decline of America’s semiconductor industry and how the U.S. can retake the lead in the great semiconductor race.

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The US needs to rediscover the meaning of investment Share This

| Mar 25, 2021

FINANCIAL TIMES—American Compass executive director Oren Cass makes the case that fortunes are made in financial markets without benefiting the real economy.

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Breaking the Spell Share This

| Mar 11, 2021

CITY JOURNAL—Executive director Oren Cass looks back on the history of welfare reform and explains why fighting poverty requires more than just sending money to the poor.

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How To Build Family Policy For The Working-Class Majority Share This

| Mar 10, 2021

DAILY CALLER—Michael Lind’s Home Building essay on family policy for the working class majority is adapted by the Daily Caller.

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The Left’s Welfare Extremism Share This

| Mar 05, 2021

NATIONAL REVIEW—Executive director Oren Cass on how left-wing critics of our family-benefit proposal are sorely misguided.

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Put Working Families at the Front of the Line for Help Share This

| Mar 02, 2021

THE NEW YORK TIMES—American Compass executive director Oren Cass argues that a policy that sustains people in joblessness is not ultimately anti-poverty.

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If Conservatives Do Not Defend The Family, Who Will? Share This

| Feb 16, 2021

DAILY CALLER—Helen Andrews’s Home Building essay on why conservatives should defend the family is adapted by the Daily Caller.

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A New Conservatism: Freeing the Right From Free-Market Orthodoxy Share This

| Feb 12, 2021

FOREIGN AFFAIRSAmerican Compass executive director Oren Cass discusses a path forward for conservatism that is no longer bound by free-market orthodoxy.

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