A Special Bearings | Incoming Heritage President Kevin Roberts talks with Oren Cass

Join us on October 21 for a conversation with Dr. Roberts about his vision for the Heritage Foundation and the future of conservatism.

On Thursday, October 21, at 12:15 p.m. ET, American Compass is hosting incoming Heritage President Kevin Roberts as the special guest for Bearings, our monthly coalition call for “Main Street” conservatives in public policy.

FEATURING: Kevin Roberts, Heritage Foundation incoming president

INTERVIEWED BY: Oren Cass, American Compass executive director

What Is Bearings?

Right-of-center organizations host a variety of regular coalition calls to communicate and advance shared interests, but they all cater to the current establishment and its orthodoxy. American Compass has created a platform for a monthly meeting dedicated to organizations and offices engaged in the effort to repudiate market fundamentalism and restore a genuine conservatism to the American right-of-center.

Who Is Involved?

American Compass is proud to be partnering with a wide range of conservative organizations and publications to make Bearings a success. Attendance is typically by-invitation-only, with a focus on participants from ideologically aligned nonprofits, publications, and government offices. If you would like to join future meetings or recommend a participant, please contact Wes Hodges.

The Agenda

The agenda typically revolves around a conversation with a prominent guest speaker, sharing news, and calling attention to potential issues. This includes updates on Congress, and the administrative state, the Judiciary, and semi-regular features on broad topics such as finance and tech.

Meeting Norms

Bearings endeavors to be known for its consistency, valuable insights, clear communication, and effective time management. Our goal is to have participants look forward to these sessions as focused briefings, not routine time-sinks. The agenda will be advanced before the meeting, with relevant notes distributed after it concludes. Chatham House Rules apply, so while the meeting is not recorded, what is said may be shared without attribution.