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Fox News

| Apr 20, 2020

“I would not call American Compass ‘dissident,’ but the future of conservatism.”

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Justice Thomas, Countervailing Power, and Big Tech

Marshall Auerback | Apr 07, 2021 |

In a non-binding concurrence, Justice Clarence Thomas (joined by no other justices), argued that social media platforms could be labeled “common carriers,” and should therefore be treated like phone companies or similar utilities. Thomas’ commentary accompanied a Monday Supreme Court order instructing a New York district court to dismiss as moot a lawsuit against former […]

The Fed’s Most Harmful Statistics Error

Rob Atkinson | Apr 06, 2021 |

Government economic statistics are critical to understanding the economy and making policy. For example, the Federal Reserve relies on accurate information about inflation to make monetary policy. Accurate statistics are also important for understanding structural economic changes and economic performance. Nowhere is this more important than in understanding what has happened to manufacturing output and […]