A New Group Pushes the post-Trump GOP to Reject Its ‘Lazy’ Devotion to Tax Cuts Share This

Nov 17, 2020

THE LONG GAME—Jon Ward brings American Compass’s Oren Cass on the podcast to discuss efforts to push the GOP in a truly conservative, post-Trump direction.

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Obama’s America Is Trump’s America Is Biden’s America Share This

| Nov 16, 2020

FINANCIAL TIMES—American Compass’s Oren Cass discusses the 2020 election, arguing that the outcome simply tells us who will govern us, not who we are.

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How Biden Could Steer a Divided Government Share This

Nov 12, 2020

THE NEW YORK TIMES—David Brooks discusses how Biden could successfully work with Republicans in Congress, highlighting the emerging issues that American Compass has focused on as potential opportunities for bipartisan effort.

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The Birth Of A Multi-Ethnic, Working-Class Conservatism Share This

| Nov 10, 2020

DAILY CALLER—American Compass’s Oren Cass argues that the future of conservatism lies in a multi-ethnic, working-class coalition.

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Don’t kid yourself about what elections reveal about America Share This

| Nov 09, 2020

CNN—American Compass’s Oren Cass argues that elections tell us simply who will govern us, not who we are, and it is critical to understand our fellow Americans who voted differently.

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Trump Lost the Race. But Republicans Know It’s Still His Party. Share This

Nov 09, 2020

THE NEW YORK TIMES—Jeremy Peters highlights American Compass as a leader in building a post-Trump conservative movement by bringing together Capitol Hill staff and policy experts to debate the successes and failures of the past four years.

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What Is the Future of the Conservative Movement After the 2020 Election? Share This

Nov 04, 2020

INTERCOLLEGIATE STUDIES INSTITUTE—Following the 2020, election, American Compass’s Oren Cass and AEI’s Matt Continetti discussed where the conservative movement goes next.

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A GOP reckoning? If Trump loses his reelection bid, the party may face an identity crisis Share This

Oct 30, 2020

USA TODAY—Maureen Groppe discusses where the Republican Party will go after the 2020 election if Trump loses, noting American Compass’s key role in defining “post-Trumpism.”

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