Capital Markets R’Us Share This

Jun 16, 2022

NATIONAL REVIEW’S CAPITAL RECORD—Oren Cass joins David Bahnsen to discuss the state of American financial markets, private equity and venture capital, what is going wrong, and potential solutions.

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College Is Not For All Share This

& | Jun 10, 2022

THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE—American Compass’s Oren Cass and Wells King discuss the reality that most young Americans miss out on commencement.

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Oren Cass Discusses the Future of the GOP Share This

| May 21, 2022

BREAKING POINTS—American Compass executive director Oren Cass discusses whether DC’s conservative institutions will shift after the 2022 primaries to become more responsive to the GOP base.

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Rethinking The Way We Help Families Share This

May 13, 2022

KSL NEWS RADIO—American Compass research director Wells King joins Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson to discuss pro-family policymaking.

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What family policy should look like in post-Roe America Share This

& | May 13, 2022

DESERET NEWS—American Compass’s Wells King and Brad Wilcox of the Institute for Family Studies and AEI make the case for a conservative embrace of an expanded Child Tax Credit in a post-Roe v. Wade world.

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Cutting China tariffs will offer no respite from rising prices Share This

| May 01, 2022

FINANCIAL TIMES—American Compass executive director Oren Cass makes the case against rolling back tariffs on China in response to inflation.

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Can the expanded child tax credit come back from the dead? Share This

Apr 29, 2022

VOX—In a discussion of the potential for a permanent expanded Child Tax Credit, Rachel Cohen highlights American Compass research and Wells King’s analysis of the political environment.

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Is Common Good Capitalism The Answer? Share This

Apr 28, 2022

CAPITALISN’T—American Compass executive director Oren Cass joins Luigi Zingales and Bethany McLean to discuss common good capitalism, China’s relationship with the U.S., Big Labor, and more.

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