Future of Work: Futureproof Share This

Sep 08, 2021

PBS—American Compass’s Oren Cass is featured in a PBS documentary on the future of work and how “future-proof” jobs against robots, AI, racial and economic disparities, and pandemics.

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New Survey Finds Union Political Activism the #1 Obstacle to U.S. Labor Movement Share This

Sep 06, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—Labor policy reforms should be focused on strengthening labor-management cooperation and delivering concrete economic benefits

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American labour unions should stop playing politics Share This

| Sep 05, 2021

FINANCIAL TIMES—American Compass’s Oren Cass discusses the state of American organized labor and what the working class wants from their unions.

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Oren Cass Joins Politico Playbook Deep Dive Podcast Share This

Sep 03, 2021

POLITICO—American Compass’s Oren Cass, “an influential voice in this new economic counterculture,” joins to discuss the conservative debate on economics and the free market.

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Working Americans are Speaking. Are Politicians Listening? Share This

| Aug 23, 2021

NEWSWEEK—In an adaptation of his conclusion to the Edgerton Essays anthology, Patrick T. Brown discusses what he learned from editing the collection of perspectives from the working class.

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Oren Cass Joins Moment of Truth Podcast Share This

Aug 09, 2021

MOMENT OF TRUTH PODCAST—American Compass executive director Oren Cass joins American Moment’s podcast to discuss economics, working class families, and conservatism.

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How a Fight Over Economics Could Shape the GOP’s Post-Trump Future Share This

Aug 05, 2021

POLITICO MAGAZINE—Eliana Johnson explores the right-of-center’s defining fight for the years to come and highlights American Compass as the organization leading the charge to reinvigorate a true conservative economics.

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America should bring back a financial transaction tax Share This

| Aug 04, 2021

THE HILL—American Compass policy director Chris Griswold makes the case for a financial transaction tax in the United States.

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