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Survey Finds U.S. Public Education Ignores Priorities of Parents and Students Share This

Dec 14, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—Education reformers have lost sight of what most Americans say public education is for, according to a new American Compass survey.

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Conservative Scholars Rethink Public Education’s Purpose Share This

Dec 06, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—Essay series explores how public education is failing in both practice and principle

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Announcing the Common Good Economics Grant Program Share This

Oct 12, 2021

The Common Good Economics grant program will support projects rethinking the role that economic policy can play in advancing the common good.

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New Survey: Vast Majority Want Expansion of Child Tax Credit Tied to Work Share This

Sep 14, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—New American Compass/YouGov survey finds Americans reject unconditional cash benefits outside context of pandemic relief.

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New Survey Finds Union Political Activism the #1 Obstacle to U.S. Labor Movement Share This

Sep 06, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—Labor policy reforms should be focused on strengthening labor-management cooperation and delivering concrete economic benefits

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New Policy Proposals for Pro-Investment Financial Market Regulation Share This

Jul 14, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—A financial transaction tax and other key reforms would confront Coin-Flip Capitalism and shift capital toward productive investment.

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American Compass Welcomes Lighthizer, Baron, and Patel to Board of Directors Share This

Jun 17, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—Experienced leaders will help to steer American Compass, the new conservative flagship in Washington.

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New Collection Calls on Policymakers to Rethink Governing in the Digital Age Share This

Jun 01, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—Modern technology has reshaped markets fundamentally, requiring new policy responses to protect our values, institutions, and relationships.

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