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Dismissing Disagreement (12) Robert M. Solow

| Mar 11, 2022

“The labor movement has always had a protectionist side to it. I have read statements that this time, it’s not protectionist. Last time it was. But in fact, I think the labor movement is subject to the political bind that I mentioned. If some group of workers will find themselves in stiffer competition, danger of losing their jobs to Chinese producers, they make a lot of noise. But the 90 percent or whatever the fraction is, of union members, of AFL-CIO members who won’t ever see, won’t ever be able to identify that this hour of work that I might not have had, or this wage increase that I might not have done is actually contributed to by the fact that my employer and I now have access to a bigger growing market; that will never be noticed. So I think that the labor movement is subject to exactly that political pressure.”

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Wells King is the research director at American Compass.


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