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Good Jobs (11) 200 High Tech CEOs

| Mar 11, 2022

“[W]e need PNTR in order to ensure that our companies can fully engage on the ground in China, thereby exposing the Chinese to our American business practices, values and perspectives. PNTR will also facilitate the development and spread of information technologies, including the Internet, ensuring that American firms will be in a position to help shape the continued evolution of China’s economic and social environment.”

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Wells King is the research director at American Compass.


Where Have All the Young Men Gone?

Oren Cass | Sep 30, 2022 |

Of the many foolish arguments for President Biden’s decision to give $400 billion to people who borrowed to attend college, one stood out for its inanity: “Women owe over two-thirds of student debt,” tweeted Senator Elizabeth Warren. “Canceling student debt would help give millions of women a fair shot at starting a business, saving for […]

Liberty and Tariffs for All

Oren Cass | Sep 16, 2022 |

I spoke earlier this week at a private event for a fervently free-market group. Bringing new ways of thinking to such audiences is a favorite pastime of mine, and one of American Compass’s reasons for being. Partly, of course, this presents an opportunity to persuade. As important, I get to hear the questions and counterarguments […]