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Conservatives Should Ensure Workers a Seat at the Table Share This

Sep 06, 2020

Statement on a conservative future for the American labor movement.

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Open Letter Re: the Business Roundtable’s Commitment to Corporate Actual Responsibility Share This

Aug 12, 2020

After a year of empty promises from CEOs, a Left-Right coalition propose a framework for substantive action

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Corporate Actual Responsibility: A Conversation with Senator Josh Hawley Share This

Aug 05, 2020

Senator Josh Hawley talks with American Compass executive director Oren Cass about the empty platitudes and hypocrisy of “woke capital” and why conservatives must work to prioritize the needs of workers and families in their economic policy agenda.

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The Corporate Obligations Debate Share This

Jul 08, 2020

Patrick Deneen and Andy Puzder debate the obligations of business.

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Executive Summary Share This

Jun 08, 2020

Nine strategies for retaking global leadership in industry and innovation

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Sources and Methodology Share This

May 20, 2020

Overview Hedge Fund figures calculated using monthly returns data. Buyout Fund and Venture Capital figures represent Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Quarterly Index created using monthly and quarterly returns data. Sources S&P 500 Total Return: S&P 500 (TR) (^SP500TR) Historical Data (Yahoo Finance, © 2020 Verizon Media. All rights reserved.) Vanguard Balanced Portfolio (60/40): Vanguard […]

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