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Saving Kids from Big Tech with Chris Griswold Share This

Jun 21, 2022

NATIONAL AFFAIRS PODCAST—American Compass policy director Chris Griswold discusses the historical parallels between child labor in the 19th century and kids’ use of social media today, and suggests steps that policymakers can take to protect them from its harms.

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Capital Markets R’Us Share This

Jun 16, 2022

NATIONAL REVIEW’S CAPITAL RECORD—Oren Cass joins David Bahnsen to discuss the state of American financial markets, private equity and venture capital, what is going wrong, and potential solutions.

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Failure to Launch Share This

Jun 09, 2022

American post-secondary education caters to narrow elite while betraying the typical American.

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Oren Cass Discusses the Future of the GOP Share This

May 21, 2022

BREAKING POINTS—American Compass executive director Oren Cass discusses whether DC’s conservative institutions will shift after the 2022 primaries to become more responsive to the GOP base.

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Rethinking The Way We Help Families Share This

May 13, 2022

KSL NEWS RADIO—American Compass research director Wells King joins Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson to discuss pro-family policymaking.

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‘College for All’ Is Broken. Let’s Embrace Opportunity Pluralism Instead. Share This

May 02, 2022

THE BULWARK—Bruno Manno features a recent American Compass survey on higher education in a discussion of the failures of the “college-for-all” model.

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Can the expanded child tax credit come back from the dead? Share This

Apr 29, 2022

VOX—In a discussion of the potential for a permanent expanded Child Tax Credit, Rachel Cohen highlights American Compass research and Wells King’s analysis of the political environment.

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Is Common Good Capitalism The Answer? Share This

Apr 28, 2022

CAPITALISN’T—American Compass executive director Oren Cass joins Luigi Zingales and Bethany McLean to discuss common good capitalism, China’s relationship with the U.S., Big Labor, and more.

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Globalization and NASCAR changes: Two errors wrought by misguided elites Share This

Apr 23, 2022

NPR QUAD CITIES—American Compass’s Wells King joins Robin Johnson on the Heartland Politics show to discuss globalization and NASCAR.

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How the Decline of NASCAR Mirrors the Decline of American Communities Share This

Apr 22, 2022

THE FEDERALIST RADIO HOUR—American Compass’s Wells King joins Emily Jashinsky to discuss his American Conservative cover story on the decline of NASCAR.

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Wells King Laments the Decline and Fall Of NASCAR Share This

Apr 21, 2022

CHICAGO’S MORNING ANSWER—American Compass research director Wells King joins Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson to discuss his essay on the decline of NASCAR.

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Policy & Program Manager Share This

Apr 19, 2022

The policy & program manager will oversee our membership, work with policymakers and staff, and collaborate with likeminded organizations.

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