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Make Good (School) Choices Share This

Dec 15, 2021

Johns Hopkins’s Ashley Berner and the Manhattan Institute’s Andy Smarick discuss options and tradeoffs in restructuring American public education.

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Failing on Purpose Survey Share This

Dec 14, 2021

Education reformers have lost sight of what most Americans believe public education is for.

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Marco Rubio gets it. Our economic addiction to China is a national security threat. Share This

Dec 08, 2021

THE WASHINGTON POST—Henry Olsen discusses Sen. Rubio’s remarks at American Compass’s inaugural Henry Clay Lecture in Political Economy.

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The School of Self-Rule Share This

Dec 06, 2021

Public education must empower the common citizen.

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Announcing the Common Good Economics Grant Program Share This

Oct 12, 2021

The Common Good Economics grant program will support projects rethinking the role that economic policy can play in advancing the common good.

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Americans Support a Generous Child Benefit Tied to Work Share This

Sep 14, 2021

A Survey on the Expanded Child Tax Credit

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Not What They Bargained For: A Survey of American Workers Share This

Sep 06, 2021

The Better Bargain Survey explores workers’ attitudes about their jobs and organized labor; their appetite for greater support, voice, and power in the workplace; and their reactions to political messages and policy reforms

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Oren Cass Joins Moment of Truth Podcast Share This

Aug 09, 2021

MOMENT OF TRUTH PODCAST—American Compass executive director Oren Cass joins American Moment’s podcast to discuss economics, working class families, and conservatism.

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New Policy Proposals for Pro-Investment Financial Market Regulation Share This

Jul 14, 2021

PRESS RELEASE—A financial transaction tax and other key reforms would confront Coin-Flip Capitalism and shift capital toward productive investment.

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The Attention Economy: A Primer Share This

Jun 01, 2021

What happens to media as the digital age enhances their ability to engage consumers?

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All-Knowing Algorithms: A Primer Share This

Jun 01, 2021

What happens to personal data as the digital age deepens their quality, widens their availability, and creates new uses for them?

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Frictionless Exchange: A Primer Share This

Jun 01, 2021

What happens to markets as the digital age improves their efficiency and introduces them to new domains?

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