Chris Buskirk

Chris Buskirk is editor and publisher of American Greatness and a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times.


Reflections on the Digital Revolution Share This

Jun 08, 2021

“In the real world outside economic theory, every business is successful exactly to the extent that it does something others cannot. Monopoly is therefore not a pathology or an exception. Monopoly is the condition of every successful business.” —Peter Thiel “Meet the new boss, same as the old ” —Roger Daltrey The problems and challenges posed […]

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Support Families Because They Are Families Share This

Feb 23, 2021

[Note: This comment is from a series of responses to the proposal for a Family Income Supplemental Credit.] Conservatives have a persistent problem: they often don’t know what it is they want to conserve. This bears on the burgeoning discussion of family policy. The good news is that the broad center-right appears ready to engage […]

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Why America Needs A Great Civil Service Share This

May 11, 2020

Henry Adams described the hopelessness in Washington in 1860 and early 1861 as the country careened towards break-up and war this way: “No one could help. Looking back on this moment of crisis, nearly 50 years afterwards, one could only shake one’s white beard in silent horror.” I’ve thought about this passage a lot lately […]

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