Chris Griswold

Chris Griswold is the policy director at American Compass.


Servants No Longer Share This

Sep 08, 2022

COMMENT—American Compass policy director Chris Griswold explores the relationship between worker power and the roots of civic friendship.

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It’s Time to Protect Children from Big Tech Share This

Jul 26, 2022

Social media’s unseemly interest in children, and legislators’ hesitance to confront it, resembles nothing quite so much as the dynamic surrounding the child labor practices of the 19th century. In the late 1800s, new technology emerging from the Industrial Revolution offered commercial interests a new opportunity to monetize childhood—and those commercial interests took it. At […]

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Escaping the Bachelor’s Fad Share This

Jun 08, 2022

For noncollege pathways to be viable, policymakers must reduce employers’ needless demand for college degrees.

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Protecting Children from Social Media Share This

Mar 21, 2022

NATIONAL AFFAIRS—American Compass policy director explores policy options to protect children online with the same vigor that we protect them in the real world.

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The Right Is Starting to Represent Workers Outside of Unions Share This

Feb 21, 2022

NEWSWEEK—American Compass policy director Chris Griswold discusses recent pro-labor policy developments on the right-of-center and opportunities for further labor reform.

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Washington is showing how much it really cares about blue collar families (not much) Share This

Nov 14, 2021

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS—American Compass policy director Chris Griswold discusses the “blue-collar blueprint” for infrastructure and how DC politicos fail to listen to their actual blue-collar voters.

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A Better Bargain: Worker Voice and Representation Share This

Sep 08, 2021

A proposal for improving labor-management relations in the workplace and in the boardroom

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America should bring back a financial transaction tax Share This

Aug 04, 2021

THE HILL—American Compass policy director Chris Griswold makes the case for a financial transaction tax in the United States.

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No Need to Speculate Share This

Jul 14, 2021

The Empirical Case for a Financial Transaction Tax

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