Ed Dolan

Ed Dolan is a Senior Fellow for Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Niskanen Center.


More on Social Insurance and Conservatism Share This

Jul 14, 2020

Re: Beware “Social Insurance” Salesmen

In his latest contribution to our ongoing debate over social insurance and conservatism, Oren Cass clarifies some of our points of disagreement. One of them concerns the meaning and nature of “social insurance” itself. Another is whether certain proposals are sufficiently “conservative.” To Cass, social insurance, or at least the kind of social insurance acceptable […]

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Social Insurance and Dependency on Government Share This

Jul 08, 2020

In a recent essay for The American Conservative, Oren Cass criticizes a viewpoint, which he attributes to the Niskanen Center, among others on the center-right, that places a central emphasis on free markets and economic growth even when doing so “necessitate[s] a much larger safety net, widespread government dependence, and the loss of a baseline […]

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