James Poulos

James Poulos is the executive editor of the Claremont Institute's online publication, The American Mind.


The Clash of Communisms Share This

Jul 29, 2020

Not without reason do China critics tend to observe a rival across the Pacific strong everywhere the US is weak, especially under the sway of coronavirus. For most on the Right, the focus of such criticism centers around ideology: if only the Chinese weren’t communist, we wouldn’t find ourselves in this mess. Some anti-communists take […]

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Pod Life or Pod School? Share This

Jul 26, 2020

“I will not live in the pod.” This commonplace rallying cry among younger Right-aligned people on social media is approaching the status of a credal opening statement. For the uninitiated, it simply marks a public refusal to accept the lifestyle of the young urban singleton residing in the microapartment, feeding the pet, streaming the Netflix, […]

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Facing the Woke Hyperpower Share This

Jun 30, 2020

Re: The Homeless Society

Just a few years ago, it was possible for nationalist Americans to warn foreign enemies like North Korea that the US was a “hyperpower.” A few decades ago, however, the label was a term of abuse: French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine used it to describe an America that had gone beyond even the bounds of […]

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A Tale of Two Media Share This

Jun 08, 2020

Re: In Praise of Big Internet

Faced over the past few years with a deepening sense of dread around the increasing irrelevance of academic political theory, I shifted much of my perspective on the accelerating unraveling of the modern order to media theory–specifically, media theory rooted in the work of Marshall McLuhan and his son Eric. While political theory as an […]

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Toward a New Anti-Corruption Statecraft Share This

May 09, 2020

Re: Whither Corruption and Conservatism (Matt Stoller)

REUTERS / Joshua Roberts – stock.adobe.com Matt poses some important questions below about how conservatives must defend anti-corruption statecraft against (tellingly) American libertarians and Chinese communists. I think it is right to suggest that the founders and their generation generally shared a robust sensibility that opposing, combating, and defeating corruption was properly political activity at […]

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The Compass and the Territory Share This

May 06, 2020

No particular worldview or ideology is necessary to see the reality of our political situation today. Due to the reshaping of our psychological and social environment by digital technology–a process laid bare by the unfolding coronavirus pandemic–our “map” of America is now out of date. Deep-seated economic and cultural transformations that began decades ago have […]

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