Jonathan Askonas

Jonathan Askonas is assistant professor of politics at the Catholic University of America and a fellow at the Center for the Study of Statesmanship.

It’s Time for a Neoclassical Economic Reckoning Share This

Mar 31, 2022

Oren Cass’s essay demonstrates how the advantages of industrial policy, apparent to some of the founders of economics and foundational to the success of the United States, were carefully airbrushed out by advocates of free trade in the 20th century. But he goes too easy on the neoclassical economists. Not only did their defenses of […]

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The Bully Platform Share This

May 06, 2021

The Tyranny of Big Tech, by Josh Hawley (Regnery, 200 pp. $30) Since his election in 2018, Senator Josh Hawley has distinguished himself by his broad-ranging criticism of Big Tech. In his new book, The Tyranny of Big Tech, he attempts to revive the spirit of trust-busting exemplified by Teddy Roosevelt against the companies he […]

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