Saagar Enjeti

Saagar Enjeti is co-host of The Realignment Podcast and Breaking Points.


What Will The GOP Look Like After Trump? Share This

Sep 30, 2020

Donald Trump’s presence in 2016 was heralded as a fundamental shock to the system, as a new way for the Republican Party, as a final nail in the coffin of zombie Reagan-era public policy pushed by the billionaire and think tank class in Washington.  As important as Trump has been for showing that there is […]

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How The Elites Rigged Supreme Court Politics Share This

Sep 23, 2020

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg less than 50 days before the 2020 election has dramatically increased the stakes of the election, and is exactly the type of September surprise that could scramble Americans’ voting patterns this late in the game.  What it underscores however is how we’re all getting played by the elites […]

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The GOP’s Embarrassing Big-Tech Performance Share This

Jul 31, 2020

The modern-day Titans of Industry testified before Congress Monday ostensibly for a hearing on anti-trust.  The hearing could have been an opportunity for left and right to question the immense market power of organizations that have an inordinate amount of power over the daily lives of American citizens.  All of my optimism for the much-anticipated […]

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On Buy American: Trump Should Listen To Steve Bannon, Not Steve Moore Share This

Jul 09, 2020

A 2020 presidential contender unveiled a 700 billion dollar ‘Buy American’ plan today to rebuild America’s manufacturing sector devastated by the coronavirus. It’s a great idea that free market fundamentalists despise and real economic conservatives have been pushing for. The only problem is that the candidate who unveiled the plan was presumptive Democratic nominee Joe […]

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Good Policy Is Good Politics Share This

May 15, 2020

Try as we might, those of us who dare to challenge economic orthodoxy within the GOP are unlikely to prevail on policy and moral grounds alone. But the politics of today offer us another course that is just as powerful: offering a prescription to protect from impending electoral doom of the party if the course […]

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The Free-Market-Fundamentalist Menace Share This

May 06, 2020

The Senate is finally back in Washington and negotiations over the next coronavirus recovery package are underway. The White House’s initial salvo was reported Monday and includes a capital gains tax cut, a measure to increase entertainment tax deductions, and a payroll tax cut.  If you tasked me with putting together a parody recovery plan […]

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