Wells King

Wells King is the research director at American Compass.


The Quest for Community on Labor Day Share This

Sep 07, 2020

In its latest public statement, American Compass affirms the enduring importance of organized labor and the need for conservatives to have a stake in its future. It challenges a right-of-center accustomed to dismiss unions to instead reconsider their role in our common life as well as the deeper costs of their absence. But doing so […]

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Populism and Picket Fences Share This

Aug 25, 2020

Re: We'll Protect America's Suburbs (WSJ)

Since at least the inauguration, a central question of this presidency has been whether Trump could cease campaigning and learn to govern. Now, with less than 70 days until the general election, a contrary question is equally pressing: will Trump stop governing like a Republican and start campaigning again as a populist? Gone from Trump […]

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Uber’s New Labor Law: Placation Without Representation Share This

Aug 13, 2020

Re: I am the C.E.O. of Uber. Gig Workers Deserve Better.

The “gig” may soon be up for Uber. A San Francisco judge’s ruling that ride-sharing services must treat their drivers as employees has both Uber and Lyft threatening to discontinue service in California, seemingly conceding that their money-losing business model relies not only on the subsidy of endless investor capital but also the legal arbitrage […]

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Corporate Responsibility and 1619 Share This

Aug 07, 2020

Just as American Compass was releasing the Corporate Actual Responsibility project, the New York Times’s DealBook announced its own corporate-responsibility event. But the progressive Times wasn’t covering the obligations that businesses have to workers, their families and communities. Instead, it hosted a discussion with its own Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of The 1619 Project, to discuss […]

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Case Studies in Corporate Actual Responsibility Share This

Aug 05, 2020

Four American companies demonstrate how to fulfill corporate obligations without sacrificing corporate performance.

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Case Study: QuikTrip’s Responsibility to Workers Share This

Aug 04, 2020

Corporate actual responsibility encompasses a set of obligations to workers to secure good jobs that can support families and offer professional development and advancement. The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based gasoline and convenience store chain QuikTrip has fulfilled these obligations while steadily growing and routinely outperforming its competitors. According to CEO Chet Cadieux, who took over the business […]

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Case Study: Gallery Furniture’s Responsibility to Communities Share This

Aug 04, 2020

Corporate actual responsibility entails an obligation to invest broadly in actual communities rather than funding and advocating national progressive causes.  Gallery Furniture, an independent retailer in Houston, Texas, has become a fixture of its local community by dedicating company assets and orienting operations toward supporting the local common good. CEO Jim McIngvale, who founded the […]

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Case Study: Intel’s Responsibility to the Nation Share This

Aug 04, 2020

Corporate actual responsibility entails an obligation to the nation to reinvest in its “industrial commons” and make strategic decisions that improve its economic trajectory. Long a giant of American innovation and high-tech manufacturing, the Silicon Valley-based chipmaker Intel has made a conscious priority of bolstering American competitiveness in a strategic sector. Many technology firms have […]

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Case Study: Mars, Inc.’s Responsibility to Families Share This

Aug 04, 2020

Corporate actual responsibility includes the obligation of employers to respect the balance of work and family commitments and to support employees’ aspirations for family formation. Recent campaigns for gender parity have drawn public attention to the “family-friendly workplace.” But such initiatives typically provide additional benefits for white-collar professionals and focus on keeping women attached to the […]

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Coin-Flip Capitalism: Update (Q3 2020) Share This

Jul 22, 2020

Commentary on developments in private finance and the Coin-Flip Capitalism debate as of Q3 2020

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America Must Fight For Global Industry Leadership Again Share This

Jun 23, 2020

DAILY CALLER—American Compass’s Wells King outlines the proposals from the “Moving the Chains” reshoring policy symposium.

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If Only Private Funds Still Enabled American Power Share This

Jun 15, 2020

Re: Private Funds Could Be Your Friends

Grant Kettering’s critique of Coin-Flip Capitalism defends private finance as “a major competitive advantage and source of comprehensive national power.” In his view: In alliance with other sectors such as government- and academically-funded scientific research institutions, private funds have served effectively as tutors to companies pursuing American innovation in absolutely foundational areas such as semiconductors […]

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