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Biden’s Buy American Procurement Program is Key to Reshoring Production and Restoring American Prosperity Share This

Marshall Auerback | Feb 15, 2021

Americans have seen their wages shrivel as manufacturing has been repeatedly outsourced to low-cost jurisdictions such as China, Bangladesh and Vietnam.  Much of the prevailing conventional wisdom over the past few decades has been that manufacturing is not a necessary part of a wealthy nation, that we live in a “post-industrial” world, that is, one […]

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A Letter to My Boomer Parents Share This

Micah Meadowcroft | Feb 12, 2021 | Culture

Dear Mom and Dad,  I’m writing this as a letter because we’ve often had this conversation aloud, but this lets you return to it at your leisure. Nothing that I say here will be new to you, but I’m writing this so that others can read it, too. Because there’s something to the intergenerational warfare […]

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Family and Freedom Share This

R. R. Reno | Feb 11, 2021 | American Tradition

In his introduction to the “Home Building” forum on American Compass, Oren Cass opens by drawing upon Ronald Reagan’s warning that the American culture of freedom must be renewed in every generation. Shoring up the family is a crucial element in this process. It’s worth meditating on why this is the case. How, exactly, do […]

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It’s Neither the Investor Class nor the Middle Class: It’s the Producer Class, Stupid! Share This

Rob Atkinson | Feb 03, 2021 | national developmentalism

If one believes that ideas matter, then the person who has surely done the most harm to humanity is Karl Marx, as his writings led to Communism, with its repression and tens of millions of deaths (as well the rise of Nazi Germany). But today in the United States, Marx’s most damaging legacy is his […]

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GameStop Populism Share This

Amber Lapp | Jan 31, 2021 | Politics

In our populist moment, the categories of left and right are losing their currency. Underlying recent events—the Capitol riot of Jan 6 (a populist political uprising) and the GameStop saga (“the first populist uprising in finance”)—is the belief that the system is rotten. It’s a belief shared by populists on both sides, even as party […]

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The Future Really is Faction Share This

Samuel Hammond | Jan 30, 2021 | Politics

Democrats and Republicans alike should feel free to contradict their putative leaders, for they contain multitudes.

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L’Affaire GameStop Share This

R. R. Reno | Jan 29, 2021 | Economics

The stampede into GameStop and other stocks was a political event. Like antifa assaults on government building and the mob assault on the White House, the investment strategy hatched on reddit subchannels expresses anger at the “system.” It’s not surprising that disaffected Americans organized around a buying strategy. We live in a consumption-based economy, not […]

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GameStop: Intentionally Dying Share This

Chris Arnade | Jan 28, 2021 | Financial Markets

Our country, we tell ourselves, is a place where anyone can make it if they study enough, and where the smartest rise to the top. Grow up in a sad town with only empty lots where factories used to be? Hit the books, spend your days in the library memorizing dates, equations, and working out […]

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When Does a Labor Economist Ask for a Raise? Share This

Oren Cass | Jan 28, 2021 | Labor Market

Little persuasion happens in 280-character snippets, but people willing to explain their thinking and answer each other’s questions can still accomplish a lot by clarifying their views and identifying the underlying sources of disagreement. So I was delighted yesterday when the Cato Institute’s Alex Nowrasteh took the time to walk me through his understanding of […]

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Should President Biden Revoke Section 230? Share This

Steven Hill | Jan 27, 2021 | Technology

The beautiful dream of an open and free internet, serving as a global agora of unlimited free speech to provide for more democratic participation, has crashed and burned one more time. The mob attack on the US Capitol was incited and planned over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other digital media platforms, with a tragic nudge […]

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Before COVID, the Economy Was Already Sick from Washington Groupthink Share This

Rob Atkinson | Jan 27, 2021 | competitiveness

When it comes to the economy, the Biden administration will have to focus on three things: COVID, a recovery package, and China. Everyone understands we have to get vaccines in the arms of as many Americans as possible as soon as possible. And hopefully the Senate can agree on an economic recovery package. But figuring […]

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Unity in Dread Share This

R. R. Reno | Jan 27, 2021 | American Tradition

“Unity is the path forward.” That was the leitmotif of Joe Biden inaugural address. It’s easy to be skeptical about such appeals, given how divided our country has become. And easier still to be cynical, given the flurry of executive orders immediately after his inauguration, many of which intensified rather than moderated battles over morality […]

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