Conservation, Farming, and the Wisdom of Our Elders Share This

Kelly Liddington | Jun 07, 2021 | Agriculture

The last time you voted, you may have seen “Soil Conservation District” on the ballot but not known why. These positions are frequently uncontested and local townships or counties can even have trouble finding candidates to run. Different states operate their conservation districts differently, but they are often the first line of defense in ensuring […]

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Putting Down Roots Share This

Patrick T. Brown | Mar 26, 2021 | Agriculture

There’s a simplistic way to talk about the history of American associational life that goes something like this: Neighbors used to help each other raise barns, churches provided much-needed charity, and benevolent societies covered costs due to injury or untimely death. Then the New Deal or the Great Society stepped in and Americans began bowling, […]

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