Trickle-down Distrust Share This

Amber Lapp | May 15, 2020 | Corruption

Re: Whither Corruption and Conservatism? (Matt Stoller)

In his recent post Matt Stoller observes that a common theme at The Commons thus far is “the reemergence of the state as the key locus of legitimacy for the exercise of power” and urges conservatives to think about corruption and statecraft. What’s needed, he says, “is a vision of how to structure such a […]

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Toward a New Anti-Corruption Statecraft Share This

James Poulos | May 09, 2020 | Corruption

Re: Whither Corruption and Conservatism (Matt Stoller)

REUTERS / Joshua Roberts – Matt poses some important questions below about how conservatives must defend anti-corruption statecraft against (tellingly) American libertarians and Chinese communists. I think it is right to suggest that the founders and their generation generally shared a robust sensibility that opposing, combating, and defeating corruption was properly political activity at […]

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Whither Corruption and Conservatism? Share This

Matt Stoller | May 08, 2020 | Corruption

Oren Cass invited me to contribute to this site not as a conservative but as a lefty and Democrat who is fascinated by the project of intellectual revival in which this network of thinkers is engaged. The contributors share an important goal, which is to rebuild an economic and political consensus in favor of the national […]

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