Conservative Feminism and Market Fundamentalism Share This

Amber Lapp | Oct 28, 2020 | GOP

In the weeks leading up to Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation as Supreme Court Justice, much was written about the new conservative feminism that Barrett arguably embodies. But as Ross Douthat asked in his column at The New York Times, “can there be a conservative feminism that’s distinctive, coherent and influential, at least beyond quirky religious […]

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Conservatism Must Be Chastened by Humility Share This

Josh Hammer | Oct 14, 2020 | GOP

Re: The Three Deadly Sins of the Right

If a realigned Republican Party is to emerge as a viable national political force, the ever–incisive Henry Olsen will be one of its leading architects. His American Compass essay, “The Three Deadly Sins of the Right,” once again shows us why. I would merely like to expand upon Olsen’s groundwork. The combined effect of Olsen’s second and […]

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What Will The GOP Look Like After Trump? Share This

Saagar Enjeti | Sep 30, 2020 | GOP

Donald Trump’s presence in 2016 was heralded as a fundamental shock to the system, as a new way for the Republican Party, as a final nail in the coffin of zombie Reagan-era public policy pushed by the billionaire and think tank class in Washington.  As important as Trump has been for showing that there is […]

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