Health Care

Why Conservative Populists Should Care About Health Care Share This

John Connolly | May 11, 2021 | Health Care

The insightful refrain of conservative populists goes something like this: The once-prosperous American middle class was built on nuclear families, well-paying jobs, and broad economic prosperity. Today, this simple dream is out of reach for millions of Americans. Conservative populists have done an excellent job articulating potential policy reforms around support for families raising children, […]

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A Weighty Matter: The Cost of Fat America Share This

Micah Meadowcroft | Mar 31, 2021 | Health Care

In a world so “Orwellian” that the term has lost its oomph with too much use (one wonders if Eric Blair would advise against continuing its employ on grounds that now it, too, is “ugly and inaccurate”) perhaps “health care” is our most Orwellian bit of obfuscation. There are lots of reasons to suggest this, […]

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The Pandemic Necessitates a New Approach to Health Care Share This

Marshall Auerback | Jan 13, 2021 | Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic presents an existential conundrum to the structure and principle of employer-based health care and its various supporters and dependents. The loss of a job often cuts off access to health care, adding greater weight to the challenges of dealing with this public health crisis. And this is widely exacerbated by a longstanding […]

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