Inequality and Mobility

Elite Overproduction or Mid-Tier Underproduction? Share This

Patrick T. Brown | Feb 17, 2021 | Inequality and Mobility

One way of reading a story of American discontent is in its newspapers. Not just in their pages, but in how their ongoing decline illustrates broader tendencies fueling popular frustration. Local newspapers used to be the only game in town. National news came off the wires, opinion columns were syndicated, and each town was its […]

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To Reboot America, Reboot the Power of Hard-Working Americans Share This

David Rolf | May 06, 2020 | Inequality and Mobility

Working Americans were in trouble before COVID Before anyone had heard the term “COVID-19,” working America was already in a crisis. Despite a growing economy in the years preceding COVID-19 — with expanding corporate profit margins, soaring capital markets, record-low unemployment, rising levels of educational attainment and (intermittently) rising productivity – real wages for many […]

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A Note of Introduction Share This

Oren Cass | May 04, 2020 | Announcement

Welcome to American Compass. Our mission is to restore an economic consensus that emphasizes the importance of family, community, and industry to the nation’s liberty and prosperity. Many of the most insightful and creative policymakers, researchers, and pundits on the American right-of-center, and some on the left-of-center as well, are dedicating tremendous intellectual energy toward […]

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