To restore an economic consensus that emphasizes the importance of family, community, and industry to the nation’s liberty and prosperity —

REORIENTING POLITICAL FOCUS from growth for its own sake to widely shared economic development that sustains vital social institutions.

SETTING A COURSE for a country in which families can achieve self-sufficiency, contribute productively to their communities, and prepare the next generation for the same.

HELPING POLICYMAKERS NAVIGATE the limitations that markets and government each face in promoting the general welfare and the nation’s security.

AFFILIATION. Providing opportunities for people who share its mission to build relationships, collaborate, and communicate their views to the broader political community.

DELIBERATION. Supporting research and discussion that advances understanding of economic and social conditions and tradeoffs through study of history, analysis of data, elaboration of theory, and development of policy proposals.

ENGAGEMENT. Initiating and facilitating public debate to challenge existing orthodoxy, confront the best arguments of its defenders, and force scrutiny of unexamined assumptions and unconsidered consequences.

AMERICAN COMPASS strives to embody the principles and practices of a healthy democratic polity, combining intellectual combat with personal civility.

We welcome converts to our vision and value disagreement amongst our members.

We work toward a version of American politics that remains inevitably partisan and contentious but operates from a common commitment to reinforcing the foundations of a healthy society.

The new age of interventionism—the big state is back in business

Jan 13, 2022

THE ECONOMIST—American Compass executive director Oren Cass joins the Money Talks podcast to discuss the growing embrace of industrial policy.

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A Young and Restless Conservatism

Jan 12, 2022

LAW & LIBERTY—In an exploration of the New Right, Elayne Allen highlights the role of American Compass’s membership group in affording “real friendship, intellectual growth, cultivation of virtue, and merriment to participants.”

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Many countries are seeing a revival of industrial policy

Jan 10, 2022

THE ECONOMIST—A special report on industrial policy and the relationship between business and the state cites American Compass executive director Oren Cass as one of the leading voices calling for a rethinking of industrial policy’s potential in the modern market.

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Can Free Trade Work for Everyone?

Jan 10, 2022

THE NEW YORK TIMES—Peter Coy discusses the debate over free trade, highlighting Oren Cass’s rebuttal of Glenn Hubbard’s recent book.

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The Relationship Is the Richness

Jan 06, 2022

COMMENT MAGAZINE—Wells King on how efforts to turn relationships into capital makes everyone poorer.

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A battle for the GOP’s future is under way

Dec 22, 2021

FINANCIAL TIMES—Oren Cass makes the case that the Republicans must move beyond the dog-eared 1980s playbook of tax cuts and deregulation if they are to succeed.

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Woke capitalism is a smokescreen

Dec 19, 2021

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS—American Compass research director Wells King argues that woke corporate activism attempts to launder self-interest through liberal ideology and to renege on actual obligations.

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Marco Rubio gets it. Our economic addiction to China is a national security threat.

Dec 08, 2021

THE WASHINGTON POST—Henry Olsen discusses Sen. Rubio’s remarks at American Compass’s inaugural Henry Clay Lecture in Political Economy.

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Have I Got a Bridge to Sell You: The Limitations of Econ 101

Nov 20, 2021

AMERICAN AFFAIRS—American Compass executive director Oren Cass reviews Glenn Hubbard’s new book, The Wall and the Bridge, and discusses the limits of market fundamentalism.

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Washington is showing how much it really cares about blue collar families (not much)

Nov 14, 2021

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS—American Compass policy director Chris Griswold discusses the “blue-collar blueprint” for infrastructure and how DC politicos fail to listen to their actual blue-collar voters.

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