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6/30/2023 Robert Lighthizer
Only Trump Could Confront China
The inside story of the trade negotiation that changed the world
5/22/2023 Oren Cass
American Conservatives Are Working on the Railroads
The Railway Safety Act has made concrete the ideological debate raging between conservatives and libertarians over the role of government regulation in the free market.
10/7/2022 Michael Pettis
Bad Trade
“Bad competitiveness” results in weakening demand, which either reduces global production or requires surging debt to maintain demand and production at its existing level. Perhaps that rings a bell, because it is the world we live in.
5/20/2022 Oliver Traldi
With All Due Respect to the Experts
We need and value expertise, yet our public square tends to amplify precisely those least worthy of our trust. How should we decide who counts as an expert, what topics their expertise properly addresses, and which claims deserve deference?
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11/16/2023 American Compass
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11/7/2023 Ruy Teixeira, John B. Judis
The Receding Democratic Majority
11/2/2023 Aaron Hedlund
Learning the Lessons of Supply-Side Economics

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