The Once and Future American Labor Law

| Sep 14, 2020

American labor law has become worse than useless: a lower share of the private-sector labor force is organized today than before the National Labor Relations Act was passed in 1935. The time has come for an entirely new model.

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A Seat at the Table

A Conservative Future for the American Labor Movement


Would Sectoral Bargaining Provide a Better Framework for American Labor Law?

Labor leader David Rolf and American Compass’s Oren Cass discuss the potential for sectoral bargaining in America.

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News & Commentary

Pro-union conservatives are trying to take over the Republican Party. Oren Cass is leading the way.

Nov 25, 2020

THE FORWARD—American Compass’s Oren Cass discusses his vision for a worker-centric conservatism, including a focus on unions and non-college pathways, in an interview with Batya Ungar-Sargon.

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A Reformed Labor Movement Could Advance Conservative Values and Priorities

| Oct 27, 2020

NATIONAL REVIEWAmerican Compass’s Oren Cass responds to Michael Watson’s rejection of collective bargaining, arguing that organized labor can advance conservative principles.

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Is the Conservative Case for Organized Labor an Oxymoron?

Sep 30, 2020

IN THESE TIMES—American Compass’s Oren Cass discusses a conservative future for organized labor with Hamilton Nolan.

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Conservatives Should Embrace Labor Unions

Sep 26, 2020

PUBLIC DISCOURSE—Brad Littlejohn interviews American Compass’s Oren Cass about why conservatives should be interested in the future of America’s labor movement.

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Why Conservatives Should Embrace Labor Unions to Reduce Economic Inequality

| Sep 24, 2020

USA TODAY—American Compass’s Wells King connects dysfunctional labor laws, declining union-participation, and partisan interests to the rise of economic inequality.

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America Needs a Conservative Labor Movement

| Sep 17, 2020

WALL STREET JOURNAL—American Compass’s Oren Cass argues that a strong, reformed labor movement has unique potential to advance conservative priorities.

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The Conservative Case for Organized Labor

Sep 08, 2020

NEW YORK MAGAZINE—Eric Levitz interviews American Compass’s Oren Cass about his vision for a pro-worker conservatism.

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New Think Tank Looks to Counter Establishment’s Influence in Policy-Making Circles

Sep 06, 2020

FOX NEWS—American Compass’s Oren Cass joins Steve Hilton to announce a new project on a conservative future for the American labor movement.

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On the Commons

Workers Are People, Not Widgets: An Epilogue

| Sep 30, 2020

Earlier this month my husband David and I wrote about Alex, a worker at an Ohio-based unionized factory, and the way the union...

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Give Workers Power to Boost Productivity, Reduce Inequality

| Sep 29, 2020

Last week in USA Today, I argued that reinvigorating the American labor movement could address economic inequality in a way that should appeal...

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Labor For The Future

| Sep 14, 2020

This is one of those half-baked blog posts that are the point of a blog but increasingly rare; after all, in the digital...

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Labor Market, Labor Code—Or Labor Bazaar?

| Sep 07, 2020

There are only two ways to establish the price of something, including a day’s wages for a worker—the market and the state. Impersonal...

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The Quest for Community on Labor Day

| Sep 07, 2020

In its latest public statement, American Compass affirms the enduring importance of organized labor and the need for conservatives to have a stake...

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Dignity to Endure

| Sep 07, 2020

After spending eight years driving four hundred thousand miles to take 60,000 pictures of working class Americans, I could easily write a Labor...

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