Collection • July 27, 2020

Corporate Actual Responsibility

Holding corporations accountable for their obligations to workers, their families and communities, and the nation.

Open Letter Re: the Business Roundtable’s Commitment to Corporate Actual Responsibility

After a year of empty promises from CEOs, a Left-Right coalition propose a framework for substantive action

Constraining the Corporation

Business leaders have lost contact with the communities and institutions that might hold them accountable, escaped from the oversight and regulation that would channel their activities, and proven themselves shameless in the face of whatever weak standards of decency the culture still attempts to muster.

Case Studies in Corporate Actual Responsibility

Four American companies demonstrate how to fulfill corporate obligations without sacrificing corporate performance.

Q&A with MIT’s Zeynep Ton

Good jobs benefit workers and boost corporate performance, so why aren’t there more of them?

The Corporate Obligations Debate

Patrick Deneen and Andy Puzder debate the obligations of business.


In recent years, the business community has sought to rebrand itself as “socially responsible,” but in practice this has largely amounted to glossy marketing campaigns and nominal charitable contributions. What if corporate executives were instead held responsible for actually considering the interests of their workers, families, communities, and nation.