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On this episode of Talkin’ (Policy) Shop, Oren and Chris head to Wall Street to discuss our fourth Issues 2024 brief, exploring why 57% of GOP voters say that “Wall Street investors are getting rich doing things that weaken our economy”—and what policymakers can do to get things back on track.

Financial markets have ceased to play their vital role channeling capital to productive uses. Instead, they more often take capital back out of businesses. While nearly all public companies used to be “sustainers” that both invested in their future and returned capital to shareholders, now nearly half are “eroders,” disgorging so much cash that they fail to maintain their own capital base.

Some potential solutions: 1. Ban stock buybacks; 2. Impose a financial transaction tax; 3. Reform the bankruptcy process; and 4. Hold pension investors accountable.

Read the full issue brief here: Issues 2024: Wall Street