Wells King

Wells King is the research director at American Compass.


What family policy should look like in post-Roe America Share This

May 13, 2022

DESERET NEWS—American Compass’s Wells King and Brad Wilcox of the Institute for Family Studies and AEI make the case for a conservative embrace of an expanded Child Tax Credit in a post-Roe v. Wade world.

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The Decline And Fall Of NASCAR Share This

Apr 20, 2022

THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE—America’s most Southern sport has betrayed its own fan base, writes American Compass’s Wells King in this cover story.

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Globalization: America’s Biggest Bipartisan Mistake Share This

Mar 31, 2022

NEWSWEEK—American Compass research director Wells King explores the history of the Uniparty’s push for globalization at all costs and the fallacies undergirding their arguments.

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The Relationship Is the Richness Share This

Jan 06, 2022

COMMENT MAGAZINE—Wells King on how efforts to turn relationships into capital makes everyone poorer.

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Woke capitalism is a smokescreen Share This

Dec 19, 2021

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS—American Compass research director Wells King argues that woke corporate activism attempts to launder self-interest through liberal ideology and to renege on actual obligations.

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Realignment Conference: The Future of Populism Share This

Nov 30, 2021

REALIGNMENT CONFERENCE—American Affairs’s Julius Krein, American Compass’s Wells King, and the Niskanen Center’s Samuel Hammond discuss the new right, populism, and the debate over neoliberalism.

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A Better Bargain: Worker Solidarity and Mutual Support Share This

Oct 07, 2021

A proposal for channeling labor resources away from politics and toward worker benefits and training

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The Labor Movement Is ‘Woking’ Itself to Death Share This

Sep 24, 2021

NEWSWEEK—American Compass research director Wells King explores the failures of the modern American labor movement and what workers really want from unions.

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Cash and Kids: Momentum on Child Tax Credit Policy and Other Ideas to Increase Family Income Share This

Jul 28, 2021

EVENT—American Compass research director Wells King joins an American Academy of Political and Social Science panel to discuss the Child Tax Credit and how best to support working families.

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Growing Pains Share This

Jun 11, 2021

FIRST THINGS—American Compass research director Wells King reviews two books on the de-growth movement.

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How Technology Has Changed Our Jobs, Our Privacy, And Our Brains Share This

Jun 11, 2021

DAILY CALLER—American Compass research director Wells King discusses the wide-ranging effects of the digital revolution in an adaptation of Lost in the Super Market: Navigating the Digital Age.

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Selling the Digital Soul Share This

Jun 01, 2021

The use and abuse of personal data pose a collective challenge that cannot be solved by individuals.

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