Wells King

Wells King is the research director at American Compass.


Selling the Digital Soul Share This

Jun 01, 2021

The use and abuse of personal data pose a collective challenge that cannot be solved by individuals.

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The Rich Get Richer, Middle Class Shrinks, And Conservatives Must Act Share This

Apr 21, 2021

DAILY CALLER—American Compass research director Wells King discusses the state of economic inequality in the United States and how conservatives should respond.

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Coin-Flip Capitalism: Update (Q2 2021) Share This

Mar 22, 2021

A review of hedge fund and private equity performance through the COVID-19 market crash.

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Let Them Eat Daycare Share This

Mar 01, 2021

Our policy debates center on helping working families, but they routinely fail to capture those families’ preferences for their own lives or for policies that would help them most. Proposals most useful to households with all adults in the workforce, like subsidized childcare or paid leave, often receive far more attention from policymakers and pundits […]

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Wells King on The Resistance Library Podcast Share This

Jan 29, 2021

THE RESISTANCE LIBRARY PODCAST—American Compass research director Wells King joins Sam Jacobs to discuss labor unions, the free market, and the proper role of government.

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The Potpourri Presidency Share This

Dec 07, 2020

A decentralized and conflicted administration was uniquely inconsistent in its policy actions.

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The Once and Future Republican Orthodoxy Share This

Oct 23, 2020

The American Enterprise Institute has just released a new white paper that defends the CARES Act against arguments from the right. Contra deficit hawks and libertarians in Congress, Jay Cost argues that recent deficit-financed economic stimulus falls squarely within the “parameters of Republican orthodoxy on economic conservatism.” It’s an orthodoxy with origins not in libertarian […]

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Coin-Flip Capitalism: Update (Q4 2020) Share This

Oct 14, 2020

A review of the latest developments in private finance and the latest update to the Returns Counter.

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Give Workers Power to Boost Productivity, Reduce Inequality Share This

Sep 29, 2020

Re: Why conservatives should embrace labor unions to reduce economic inequality

Last week in USA Today, I argued that reinvigorating the American labor movement could address economic inequality in a way that should appeal to conservatives – achieving a kind of pre-distribution with minimal state interference and greater worker input. It’s an approach that echoes themes of the recent American Compass statement: a well-functioning system of […]

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Why Conservatives Should Embrace Labor Unions to Reduce Economic Inequality Share This

Sep 24, 2020

USA TODAY—American Compass’s Wells King connects dysfunctional labor laws, declining union-participation, and partisan interests to the rise of economic inequality.

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Left, Right, and Center Discuss Federal Industrial Policies Share This

Sep 23, 2020

EVENT—American Compass’s research director Wells King shares key insights from the “Moving the Chains” policy symposium on the inaugural panel for the Industry Studies Association’s new webinar series.

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Workers of the World Share This

Sep 18, 2020

Few Americans realize how our system of organized labor is an outlier among Western nations. In some European countries, unions attract a greater share of workers and maintain less adversarial relationships with business. A better understanding of these alternative models can guide American policymakers as they address our labor policy challenges.

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