30 Minutes with Virginia Foxx Share This

Jun 2, 2022

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx joined us for a 30 Minutes discussion of how the education system can be retooled to better serve all Americans.

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American Institutions and the American Family: A Conversation with Yuval Levin Share This

Feb 23, 2022

A robust discussion of how well American institutions are fostering the flourishing of American families, hosted by American Compass and Capita.

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Reaganism Live with Oren Cass and Kevin Roberts Share This

Jan 26, 2022

American Compass’s Oren Cass and the Heritage Foundation’s Kevin Roberts join the Reagan Institute for a conversation about the future of conservatism.

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Senator Marco Rubio Delivers the Inaugural Henry Clay Lecture in Political Economy Share This

Dec 8, 2021

Sen. Rubio assesses how the flawed bipartisan economic consensus went so tragically wrong and offers a clear-eyed approach to economic policy that can serve the national interest and the common good.

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A Special Bearings | Incoming Heritage President Kevin Roberts talks with Oren Cass Share This

Oct 21, 2021

Join us on October 21 for a conversation with Dr. Roberts about his vision for the Heritage Foundation and the future of conservatism.

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Economic Justice in Post-Pandemic America? Share This

Apr 27, 2021

A conversation about the post-pandemic U.S. economy, hosted by City College of New York’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

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Grand Old Party and the Working Class with Leader McCarthy Share This

Apr 21, 2021

A conversation with Leader McCarthy about what it will take to build a GOP that is better attuned to the concerns of working class Americans and where he sees the party going in the coming years.

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Fulfillment: A Conversation on Amazon and Regional Inequality with Alec MacGillis Share This

Mar 31, 2021

A conversation with Alec MacGillis about his book, Fulfillment, the Amazon behemoth, and the growth of regional inequality in the U.S.

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