Economic Justice in Post-Pandemic America? Share This

Apr 27, 2021

A conversation about the post-pandemic U.S. economy, hosted by City College of New York’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

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Grand Old Party and the Working Class with Leader McCarthy Share This

Apr 21, 2021

A conversation with Leader McCarthy about what it will take to build a GOP that is better attuned to the concerns of working class Americans and where he sees the party going in the coming years.

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Fulfillment: A Conversation on Amazon and Regional Inequality with Alec MacGillis Share This

Mar 31, 2021

A conversation with Alec MacGillis about his book, Fulfillment, the Amazon behemoth, and the growth of regional inequality in the U.S.

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Family Financial Security: Senator Mitt Romney on the Right’s Fight to Support Our Most Important Institution Share This

Mar 18, 2021

A conversation with Senator Mitt Romney about the future of family benefits in the U.S. and what it means for the right-of-center’s future.

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Family Feud: Child Allowance Edition Share This

Feb 11, 2021

The Niskanen Center’s Samuel Hammond and the American Enterprise Institute’s Scott Winship debate the case for a “child allowance.”

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Trade After Trump: A Post-Mortem with Former U.S. Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer Share This

Jan 26, 2021

Former U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Robert E. Lighthizer joins American Compass executive director Oren Cass for a conversation about trade policy, in his first interview since leaving the administration.

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What Now? A Conversation On Where Conservatives Go After the Trump Presidency Share This

Jan 14, 2021

American Compass’s Oren Cass, WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib, and author George F. Will discuss the future of the conservative movement, co-hosted with the Wall Street Journal.

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What Next: A Multi-Ethnic, Working-Class Conservatism Share This

Dec 09, 2020

Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Anthony Gonzalez join American Compass executive director Oren Cass for a conversation about how to build a conservative agenda that appeals to a multi-ethnic, working-class base.

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