New Direction provides the policy toolkit for serious conservative policymakers in Congress

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WASHINGTON, DC — Today, American Compass is releasing New Direction: Conservative Principles & Policies for the 118th Congress, an agenda for economic renewal, focused on the interests of workers, their families and communities, and the nation.

The proposals include:

  1. Reshoring Industry: Using trade and industrial policy to restore American leadership in industry and innovation.
  2. Building Non-College Pathways: Shifting resources from higher education to employer-led training.
  3. Supporting Families: Providing a generous monthly per-child benefit to support working families. 
  4. Decoupling from China: Channeling productively the uncontrolled cross-border flows of goods, capital, and people unleashed by globalization.
  5. Representing Workers: Giving workers access to non-union works councils and seats on corporate boards.
  6. Governing Big Tech: Creating a publicly operated tool to securely and privately verify age online to protect children.
  7. Rekindling Investment: Strengthening financial markets so that more capital reaches the real economy.
  8. Understanding America: Surveys on family and education policy that can inform policymakers’ thinking.

Conservative economics is built on three pillars: productive markets, supportive communities, and responsive politics. Public policy has an active role to play in ensuring that the rules of the game align pursuit of profit with investment in domestic production and employment; in reinforcing the foundations of institutions like the family, labor unions, and churches; and understanding and respecting the nation’s frustrations and aspirations.

Click here to read New Direction: Conservative Principles & Policies for the 118th Congress.

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