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A New Republican Future Is Emerging—the Return of Actual Conservatism

JD Vance’s VP nomination could mean a GOP attuned to the needs of everyday Americans.

What Time Is It? Time to Govern.

A durable conservative majority is finally coming within reach.

This Is What Elite Failure Looks Like

The elites of both political parties have failed to take the majority’s policy preferences seriously, with disastrous results.

Soviet America? And more from this week…

From Understanding America, for better understanding America.

The Electric Slide

American EV policy is failing. Here’s how to fix it.

Welcome to Understanding America

Your guide to the future of economics, American politics, and public policy.

Reality is Forcing a Shift in America’s Tax And Spend Debate

US conservatives are moving away from the old orthodoxy on how to balance deficits and revenues.

Ten Years of Fighting the Dragon

Looking back at a decade of shifting the consensus on China

Will Trump II See the Return of Fiscal Conservatism?

The long-standing conservative consensus on tax cuts is now teetering, and even if Republicans win the presidency and both houses of Congress, TCJA’s extension is no sure thing.

Finding the Responsible Party

The conservative journey back from anti-tax zealotry to limited government

Why Is Mitch McConnell Still In Charge?

On policy, he is badly misaligned with the GOP and its standard bearer. He is weak on immigration, allied with big business, and expansive in his vision for the nation’s foreign policy commitments.

Surprising Consensus on the Productivity Problem

A new AEI paper reaches the same conclusion as American Compass: Rising inequality for American workers is a problem.

It’s Conservatives That Should Be Storming the Ivory Tower

Universities depend on taxpayer money to survive, and they are wasting those funds

How Republicans learnt to love bigger government

The era of “the era of big government is over” may itself now be over, writes Oren Cass in the Financial Times.

Constructing Conservatism in the Secular Age

Oren Cass, executive director of American Compass, delivers the 2024 First Things Lecture in Washington, D.C. His lecture is entitled “Constructing Conservatism in the Secular Age.”

Out of Time on Outbound

If Republicans are serious about confronting China, they need to sideline members who aren’t

Among US Conservatives, the Dial Is Finally Shifting on Welfare

But older anti-government institutions still need to realise that the mistakes of the 1960s are not being repeated

The Persistence of Market Fundamentalism

The sacred texts don’t say what their keepers claim they do.

Passing a Test on Family Policy

This is a pivotal moment for the conservative movement, which has finally woken up to the reality that decades of WSJ-style economic policy have been a disaster for working families and thus a disaster for America.

Putting the Money Where the Working Families Are

If conservatives want to lead on family policy, they have to be willing to fight for it