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Capital Flows Are the Core Concern

With the demise of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, countries around the world began to open their markets to foreign investment, and the U.S. dollar emerged as the reserve Read more…

Extending the Child Tax Credit to Undocumented Immigrants Is Playing with Fire

Buried within the Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation package is a provision to extend the recently expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) to undocumented immigrants. This would be a grave mistake, and I say that as both a supporter of the CTC expansion and as a proponent of more liberal immigration.

Seeing Like a Pro-Family State

Addressing our fertility and family-formation crises will require us to push the boundaries of family policy and embrace a whole-of-society approach.

How to Raise the Minimum Wage, If You Must

Let’s peg the federal minimum wage to state median wages.

The Future Really is Faction

Democrats and Republicans alike should feel free to contradict their putative leaders, for they contain multitudes.

Asymptotic Freedom

Far from being on a censorship slipper-slope, Big Tech will soon lose their ability to confine our interactions altogether.

“It’s My %$!#ing Money” and the Hollow Populism of Stimulus Checks

“Checks” risks becoming the rallying cry for a hollow form of populism, one that seeks to merely extract value for the masses rather than build something new and permanent.

Families Deserve Dedicated Relief. Senator Hawley to the Rescue?

The pandemic has placed an enormous burden on the lives of parents and children in particular.

Paid Family Leave Can Help Combat the Coming COVID Baby Bust

International evidence shows Paid Family Leave programs can boost fertility rates.

How Judy Shelton’s Call for a New Bretton Woods Duped Pro-Worker Conservatives

The 1990s called. They want Judy Shelton’s bankrupt ideology back.

tacoma bridge
Social Media Is an Engineering Disaster Waiting to Happen

Fake news pales in its power to real news presented with misleading frequency.

New Deal Social Security
No, the New Deal Wasn’t Racist

Save for the Civil Rights Act, no single federal policy or program has done more to advance racial equity than Social Security.

The Impoverished Debate Over Section 230

It’s more nuanced than you think.

Social Conservatism and the “Small Government” Straightjacket

“We are conservatives, and conservatives believe in supporting families directly.”

The Limits of Regulatory Capture

A Response to Ganesh Sitaraman

On Workforce Investment

Reshoring strategies can only go so far without investment in America’s skilled workforce.

Marco Rubio Takes on Deindustrialization and Race

The decline in American manufacturing hurt workers of every racial background.

Hamiltonian Means, Jeffersonian Ends

My American Compass co-blogger, Michael Lind, likes to portray America’s development as a tug of war between the ideals of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson — nation builders and industrialists on the one hand, and laissez-faire localists on the other.