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Sen. Marco Rubio on Globalization and Rebuilding American Capitalism

Sen. Marco Rubio and Oren Cass discuss globalization, what has gone wrong in the American economy, and the policies we’ll need to recover.

Sen. Todd Young on Industrial Policy and Rebuilding American Capitalism

Sen. Todd Young and Oren Cass discuss how conservatives should think about industrial policy, how public policy can support R&D, and more.

Yes, Financialization Is Real

Oren Cass responds to the Cato Institute’s Norbert Michel misguided critique of American Compass’s financialization research.

Sen. Tom Cotton on Education and Rebuilding American Capitalism

Sen. Tom Cotton and Oren Cass discuss the future of conservative economics and the importance of workforce development.

Remarks on Family Affordability at AEI

Oren Cass discusses the Cost-of-Thriving Index and the affordability of middle-class life in America at the American Enterprise Institute.

Rebuilding American Capitalism Provides the Agenda for Conservative Economics

The policy handbook synthesizes three years of work at American Compass

American Compass Calls for a Hard Break from China

New policy paper offers a comprehensive agenda for protecting the American market from subversion by the CCP

A Hard Break from China

Protecting the American Market from Subversion by the CCP

A Labor Shortage Is a Great Problem to Have

Today’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the unemployment rate continuing to hold close to its lowest level in 70 years, despite a slight uptick last month. This might seem Read more…

The American Ambition

At the heart of conservative economics is the idea that a nation can and should choose the shape of its markets in pursuit of the substantive outcomes it values. Whereas Read more…

The American Condition

The breakdown in American capitalism over the past half-century is most apparent in its failure to deliver widespread prosperity for the American people. Success requires more than just rising material Read more…

Labor’s Conservative Heart

Everyone recognizes the importance of work for a individual health and life satisfaction, strong families and communities, and more. And macroeconomists know the importance of a productive labor force for Read more…

Promoting Worker Agency and Self-Government

In the years since President Ronald Reagan left office, conservative policymakers have had some success speaking to Americans as believers, as families, and as American citizens. But in the economic Read more…

Unions Out of Politics

American labor unions have become predominantly political organizations, representing only 6% of the private-sector workforce but spending nearly $2 billion during the 2020 election cycle. And while union members hold Read more…

Guaranteed Right to Organize

Conservatives serious about protecting American workers must consider the hazards faced by workers seeking to exercise their legal right to organize in the workplace. Employers are legally prohibited from penalizing Read more…

Sector-Wide Bargaining

A well-functioning capitalist system relies upon workers and employers both possessing sufficient power in the labor market to defend their interests and come to mutually acceptable arrangements. This is not Read more…

Worker-Led Benefits

Americans take for granted that employers and government programs in some combination will provide the basic supports and benefits needed by workers in a modern labor market. But this system Read more…

Non-Union Worker Organizations

American workers place enormous value on cooperative relationships with management. Poor employee-management relations harm job satisfaction even more than unpredictable scheduling or low wages. Worker voice can benefit businesses, too, Read more…

College Is Not the Goal

One great impediment to education reform is a false notion about the American Dream—and really, about democracy itself. For many Americans, college epitomizes the promise of democratic citizenship. The narrative Read more…

From College-for-All to Opportunity Pluralism

The “college-for-all” educational model sees education as a conveyor belt that moves young people from elementary to middle to high school to a college degree and—finally—to a job. “High school Read more…