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Doubling Down on R&D

A Response to Willy Shih

A Note on High-Tech Infrastructure

A Response to Willy Shih and Terrence Keeley

On Terms of Trade

The international trading system must recover the core principles of reciprocity, security, and democracy.

On Infrastructure Financing

A national development bank could attract the private capital that America’s infrastructure needs.

On Antitrust Enforcement

The American medical industry offers a case study of how market concentration undermines economic resilience.

On Agency Structure

A new task for government demands a new structure for its agencies.

On Regulatory Reform

Outdated environmental regulation poses an irrational barrier to reshoring efforts.

On Workforce Investment

Reshoring strategies can only go so far without investment in America’s skilled workforce.

On Domestic Sourcing

Local content requirements offer a simple intervention with benefits that its prohibitionist detractors ignore.

Moving the Chains

9 Strategies for Retaking Global Leadership in Industry and Innovation

On Tax Incentives

A tax credit for domestic investment is the best way to reduce production costs.

On Research & Development

Pre-competitive research consortia are vital to sparking innovation.

Foreword: The Reshoring Imperative

You may not be interested in supply chains, but supply chains are interested in you.

Executive Summary

Nine strategies for retaking global leadership in industry and innovation

Economies of Scale Versus Big Business

Last week, some very large employers – including Salesforce, Tesla, and Walmart – called for a corporate merger moratorium for hospitals and doctors groups. It’s unusual to have the paragons of big business assert the need for aggressive antitrust, but it speaks to how confused our current economic debates really are.

Marco Rubio Takes on Deindustrialization and Race

The decline in American manufacturing hurt workers of every racial background.

Is It Time for an American Industrial Policy?

American Compass’s Oren Cass participates in a written debate with Duke University’s Michael Munger over the need for American industrial policy.

Hamiltonian Means, Jeffersonian Ends

My American Compass co-blogger, Michael Lind, likes to portray America’s development as a tug of war between the ideals of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson — nation builders and industrialists on the one hand, and laissez-faire localists on the other. 

We Will NOT Run Out of Jobs

This seems like a strange headline given that the economy has recently shed almost 40 million jobs. But at some point with the development of a vaccine or an effective treatment, the economy will come back to normal.

Japan Offers a Compelling ‘Back to the Future’ Model

Japan has announced newly defined restrictions on foreign investment, which at face value, seem to violate the provisions of the World Trade Organization agreement.